Paul Madden has been sailing to Cuba since the late 80's when he participated in flotillas delivering medical supplies from Key West to Havana for CARITAS (Catholic charities). When President Obama relaxed sanctions in order to permit cruise ships to visit Cuba from the U.S., Madden's company received the only specific U.S. Treasury License to conduct yacht charters to Cuba. His company is also the only yacht company to have a contract with Havanatur (Ministry of Tourism) which allows it to legally operate within Cuba. 

His company has arranged for many yacht visits to Cuba's north and south coasts, and has provided logistical support to the organizers of the Rolling Stones Concert, the producers of "The fast & Furious" and also for port visits by The World, a private cruise ship. He has been a guest at both the U.S. Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Embassy in Washington. 

Paul Madden is also an experienced yacht broker having worked for Camper & Nicholsons, Blohm+Voss and the Ferretti Group, amongst others. 

Ann Souder manages the documentation, permits, visas and port arrangements at Cuba-Yacht.com. She has the personal connections in Cuba necessary to get things done.

Ann is well known in the yachting community for her work with Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT), the St Barth's Bucket, and as a curator of maritime art, amongst other accomplishments. She currently serves as President of the Seamen's Church Institute in Newport which is a vital part of Newport's maritime history and culture. 

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