We Have Access to The Finest Yachts

Big & Small

Crewed, Bareboat or by-the-cabin

You tell us what yacht you like, and we will get it, or one very similar.

If this is your first charter, or you want to try a different yachting experience, we will make it happen. 

Chartering in Cuba is different than most other chartering destinations. For one thing, you will not be surrounded by other charterers. On the southern archipelagos you will experience the great pleasure of being left alone with nature.


In the vibrant cities of Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, the yacht is your oasis away from the intense Cuban cultural experience. 

And if you are a diver, then you probably know- there is nothing in the Caribbean that compares to the diversity and unspoiled splendor of the Cuban reefs.

In all cases, there is nothing that compares to visiting Cuba by Yacht.

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