While new technology enables production; a compelling story, gifted writing, a creative eye and enlightened editing are still the key ingredients for achieving compelling content. 
Writer/Director of Feature Film Comedy with Lainie Kazan and Burt Young
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With Burt Young on set
of "Medium Rare"
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PGA Golf Comedy with
Judge Reinhold and Paul Rodriguez
Paul Madden Director
Directing Feature in Miami for Sony Films
Student Film aboard H.M.S. Belfast  in London with Dudley Sutton
In Development 2021

Stills from Rum Runner Film

now in post-production

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Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 2.47.20 PM

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Burt Young

Lainie Kazan

Brad Dourif

Alex Winter

Judge Reinhold

Ellia English

Paul Rodriguez

Timothy Leary

Mel Welles

Brenda Bakke

Al Ruscio

Sy Richardson

Larry Storch